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Bazaar 2013

Summerlea and our supporters and friends in the community know how to do a Bazaar.
And this year's annual Fall Bazaar was certainly no exception.
In fact, this year's was yet another record breaker financially.
There are so many people, WAY too many to list, to thank.
Below I'll try and mention a few and show some of the
"proof in the pudding" with some before and after pictures.
These pix fail to "mention" the days, weeks, months beforehand that are involved.
A special thanks to Bazaar Coordinators
Nancy Mark, Sinclair Harris and Kate Smart.
All the pictures will enlarge when "clicked." **

The public action begins by Scott gathering
the troops for a short prayer of thanks
just before the bell rings at 9:00 a.m. and the doors swing open.

As in previous years, there needs to be
a special mention of the Rodd family
who together spend countless hours through the year
sorting and evaluating all the various donations
that show up at the Church
throughout the year.
Saying that they staff the White Elephant store
just doesn't say enough.
Thank you Linda, Roy, Robert, Caroline and Elizabeth.

Suitably attired as the referee, Kevin M.
controls access to the White Elephant area,
to prevent overcrowding.
To the right we see Kevin's wife Susan sent
to the Penalty Box for a 2 minute pebalty
for looking So Good!

The Country Store is always a draw -
especially for our famous Homecooked Tourtieres.
To the right we can see Scott P, Terry J, Ian M and Zig K.
Thanks guys.

The Book Room is an indespensable
annual mainstay. To the left
is convenor Mel C. with Jim E.
and to the right is
cashier Michele B.

For games, plush toys and jigsaw puzzles
the toy room is the go-to place
Convenors John and Connie O. with sons
Jacob and Joshua are the staff.
When the crowds arrived I was
TOO BUSY to take any pix.

To the left is Susan H and (??) with Gift Baskets.
To the right in Jewelry we see Sheila H., Jeanine M., Susan I. and (??)

Steering the ship in
Tempting Treasures are
Jane P., Pat (?), Ruth H., Mary G., Isabelle Q. and Helen M.

At the left we see the Plant Table and the
Candy Toys with Caroline L., Sinclaire H.
and the Girl Guides.

The Fuzzy Nature of these two pictures belies the
importance of the extensive Handicrafts Table
with Susan B., Kim B. Elizabeth W., Nathalie M. and Barbara C.

The Bazaar couldn't, wouldn't happen without
one of our star attractions:
The Bake Table. In these we can see staffers
Kathy W., Valerie C., Gale R., Susan M., Leslie M. and Anne L.
At the end there was exactly

The Lunch Room offers one of the
BEST and CHEAPEST lunches in town!
The menu consists of our very own Tourtieres produced on site
and soup and carrot cake all of which are
homecooked in the kitchens of various congregants.
In the kithen pix I can identify Marion G.,
Leslie M., Brian M., Barbara A., and Undeg E.
At the door with see ticket handler Mary G. and cashiere is
recently retired (congrats Jane!) Jane C.
and standing is hostess Gabrielle C.
The servers are largely the Girl Guides.
Talk about an example of a well-oiled machine!

And, of course, it's not all inside!
If sit-down lunch is not for you
there is always the BBQ offering Hot Dogs,
chips and drinks all out in the beautiful sunshine.
Making it happen are Richard R. and father-son
team of Frank and Kevin R.

The day was one of small miracles:
the miracle of the devotion and caring and
dedication of a faith community.
Come and be a part of us anytime!
But perhaps the largest small miracle was
the fact that within 90 minutes of the doors closing
you would be hard pressed to find evidence
that anything remarkable had even happened.

Any comments, questions or corrections??
Please don't hesitate to contact me (John Osborne).

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