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Sunday, January 17, 2021

(Recorded earlier on January 13, 2021)

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - 1723

by Johann Sebastian Bach

J. S. Bach

1685 - 1750

Come. Let Us Sing

Come, let us sing to the Lord our song,
We have stood silently too long;
Surely the Lord deserves our praise,
So joyfully thank God for our days.

O thirsty soul come drink at the well;
God's living waters will never fail.
Surely the Lord will help you to stand,
Strengthened and comforted by God's hand.

You dwell among us and cause us to pray,
And walk with each other following your way;
Our precious brothers and sisters will grow
In the fulfilling love they know.

Deserts shall bloom
And mountains shall sing
To the desire of all living things.
Come, all you creatures, high and low,
Let your praises endlessly flow.


Before I read - a Preamble

1 Samuel 3 vs 1 - 10

The Text can be read HERE

John 1 vs 43 - 51

You can follow the text HERE

Under the fig tree...

Jesus Calls Us VU562

Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult
Of our life's wild restless sea,
Day by day his clear voice sounding,
Saying, “Christian, follow me.”

(The Sea of Galilee is pictured.)

Jesus calls us from the worship
Of the vain world's golden store,
From each idol that would keep us,
Saying, “Christian, love me more.”

In our joys and in our sorrows,
Days of toil and hours of ease,
Still he calls, in cares and pleasures,
“Christian, love me more than these.”

Jesus calls us: by your mercies,
Saviour, may we hear your call,
Give our hearts to your obedience,
Serve and love you best of all.


Scott's text is right HERE


Who Is This Stranger?
(by Joseph M. Martin)

Who is this stranger walking Judea?
Who is the one who is helping the poor?
Who is the man who is healing the people?
Surely He's the son of God.


Who is this teacher reading the word?
Who is the man who is preaching the Gospel?
Surely He's the son of God.

Tell me, tell me, brother.
Sister, do you know His name?
Neighbour, tell me, do you know Him?
Surely He's the son of God…

(Recorded in November 2012)

Will You Come and Follow Me (VU 567)

Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?
Will you go where you don't know and never be the same?
Will you let my love be shown, will you let my name be known,
Will you let my life be grown in you and you in me?


Will you leave yourself behind if I but call your name?
Will you care for cruel and kind and never be the same?
Will you risk the hostile stare should your life attract or scare?
Will you let me answer prayer in you and you in me?

Will you let the blinded see if I but call your name?
Will you set the prisoners free and never be the same?
Will you kiss the leper clean, and do such as this unseen,
And admit to what I mean in you and you in me?

Christ, your summons echoes true when you but call my name.
Let me turn and follow you and never be the same.
In your company I'll go where your love and footsteps show.
Thus I'll move and live and grow in you and you in me.

Common Blessing

In loving partnership we come,
Seeking, O God, your will to do.
Our prayers and actions now receive;
we freely offer them to you.



from G.F. Handel's "Water Music"

And now it's time to sit back and belt out a
a couple of favourites...

Day Is Done (VU 433)

Day is done, but love unfailing dwells ever here;
Shadows fall, but hope, prevailing, calms every fear.
God, our Maker, none forsaking, take our hearts
Of Love' s own making,
Watch our sleeping, guard our waking, be always near.

Dark descends, but light unending shines
Through our night;
You are with us, ever lending new strength to sight:
One in love, your truth confessing,
One in hope of heaven's blessing,
May we see, in love's possessing, love's endless light!

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (VU 684)

Make me a channel of your peace:
Where there is hatred,let me bring your love;
Where there is injury, your healing power,
And where there's doubt, true faith in you:

Chorus: O Spirit, grant that I may never seek
So much to be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love with all my soul.

Now that's all folks...
Y'all come back now. Y'hear?

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