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(Last updated 13-6-2015)

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Recycling at Summerlea

To help out with items that are not accepted in the curbside collection you can bring your used batteries and printer ink cartridges to Summerlea and place them in the appropriate containers outside the Minister's Office.

Your organic kitchen waste can be brought to the compost bucket in the kitchen. Acceptable for comosting are all vegatables and vegatable peelings, cooked or raw, all fruit and fruit peelings (cooked or raw), eggshells (cooked or uncooked and crushed please), uncooked pasta and cooked pasta without sauce, unbuttered bread, coffee grounds (including paper filters) and tea bags (with bags ripped please).
You cannot bring in dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.) or meat and meat products.

The dreaded Number 6 on a product has until relatively recently in Montreal always signified that the procuct was NOT accepted for curbside recycling.

For the last few years the Ecocentre in Lasalle has been accepting number 6 products as part of a pilot project.
The project has just recently been extended for at least the next 5 years and Summerlea is taking the initiative to help you recycle these products.

To quote the announcement in the Bulletin:

"...the Eco Center will accept styrofoam as well as any plastic material denoted with the number 6. This includes yoghurt containers, plastic meat trays and clear plastic containers for fruits and vegetables.
As part of our Green Church mandate the Outreach Committee has obtained a new big green recycle container for all polystyrene products. We invite you to bring your clean containers and styrofoam to church. The bin is in the passageway between St Andrew's Hall and the back door. We will take it to the Eco Center to be recycled."

The Ecocentre website states: "Look for the number 6...These items must be clean and include no packaging, labels, absorbent pads or aluminum covers. Polystyrene can be identified by a triangle with the number 6 inside.

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