"Just Desserts" – A Real Treat!

Over two hundred people had a terrific Saturday evening treat on March 14th past. Our congratulations and thanks go to Darryl Macdonald and the congregation of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian and to the cast of the Lyric Theatre Singers under the very capable direction of Bob Bachelor.

The event was a joint fundraiser for the Ministry of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and the Lyric Theatre Singers. Judging by an overflowing Acadia Hall, tables decked out cabaret style, the show was a sell-out. The packed hall had strong representations from St. Andrew’s and Summerlea congregations and the wider community.

The evening began with dessert – and what a selection of treats! – and coffee all served beautifully under the direction of some of the tireless men and women of St. Andrew’s. And then the show....

The opening number – Razzle Dazzle from the musical Chicago – presented by the entire ensemble set the tone for the evening of performance: polished, professional and fun. The only way not to let down the crowd after such a strong opening number was to bring on none other than Chris Maragoudakis singing All I Care About, also from Chicago. What followed was a delightful pot-pourri of individual and small group renditions of mainly Broadway show tunes – too many and varied to describe but all well received by the enthusiastic audience. I will mention only that we were treated to one more terrific appearance by Chris in a trio for Fugue for Tinhorns from Guys and Dolls and the last number before the show finale by the ensemble featured Darryl Macdonald in Buddy’s Blues from . All I can say is that our gain is Broadway’s loss!

To find out more about the Lyric Theatre Singers you can visit their snazzy website at http://www.lyrictheatrecompany.com/ .

John Osborne