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Fundraising for the Summerlea Refugee Support Coalition Effort

Please make any suggestions/corrections/additions/subractions to me by email at SRSC

    In order for a private individual or non-profit group to qualify as a sponsor for a refugee family, the individual or group must be able to prove that they have the financial resources necesary to support an individual or family for a full year once in Canada. To this end, the three congregations (Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Merging Waters and Summerlea United) have all three been actively raising funds.  In addition, in order to allow the application process to start the Summerlea Executive Board authorized the release of $10,000 from their investments and gauranteed the full amount needed should fundraising fall short of the goal.
   Happily, the collective fundraising has been going very well and has recently (including the initial $10000 amount) passed the $30,000 mark! This is only a rough estimate and will be made more precise in the near future.
   How much is needed? Well, for the family of six we are hoping to sponsor we must show a balance of a minimum of $34,000 in a specially dedicated bank account.
Question: What happens if we raise "Too Much Money?!!"
   Worry not! All monies that are donated (in any of the three congregations) that have been designated for the support of refugees cause are deposited, as they are received, in a specially sequestered account and cannot be used for any other purpose than the support of refugees. Hence, if not all the money set aside is required by the designated family (and many refugees quickly find work and begin at least partially supporting themselves and their families)within the one year period then the money still must be used specifically for refugee relief & support. Exactly what form that would take will be open for discussion.

Two recent fundraising efforts at Summerlea:
March 12, 2016

Concert to Support the SRSC Fund

$1000 at the door! and a surprise cheque to bring the total for the evening to $2000!
Follow the link above for some sights & sounds from the evening.
April 30, 2016

Cast & Crew of "Rockslinger"
From left to right: Everybody!!

A repeat evening performance of our recent musical The Rockslinger and his Greatest Hit produced and directed by Connie Osborne succeeded in bringing in $400 from the community in support of the SRSC effort.
A full report of the musical will be available in the coming weeks!

To contribute financially to the refugee support effort make your cheque payable to Summerlea United Church and on the memo line clearly indicate "For Refugee Fund".
To receive an Income Tax receipt accompany the cheque with your full contact information. Receipts will be mailed in time for next year's tax returns.
If you are a member of Summerlea United it is enough to indicate your Envelope or PAR number. The same applies to cash donations.

Financial donations can be given to any of three coalition members but all cheques must be payable to Summerlea United Church and appropriately marked "For Refugee Fund" or words to that effect.

Offers of other non-financial support can also be made by submitting a pledge form to any of the three coalition churches.

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