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News as of April 2016

Through ARM we have now met with Salman who came to Canada seven years ago as a Syrian refugee.

Quoting the notes from that meeting:

"...Salman came to Canada 7 years ago, and when he could, he brought over his wife and 4 children. Salman was a Veterinarian, and his wife was a Dentist. She is taking French classes, and hopes to be able to work as a Dental Hygienist. Salman has been working with...[an]...Immigration Consultant... He also volunteers with Syrian refugee children to help their integration, and his wife volunteers at the Arabic school in Montreal.Their children were in classes d'acceuil at first, and are now in regular classes and speak French well..."

Salman has been working continuously to bring various members of his extended family to Canada and is now hoping to help his brother Bilal and his wife Farah and their four children to relocate to Montreal. Bilal, together with his wife and children fled Syria to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia does not recognize refugees and Bilal is unable to work nor are his children able to attend school as they can only remain in Saudi Arabia as visitors. They are currently able to survive only by receiving financial support from other family members. The oldest child is a girl of ten years and the three boys are aged eight, four and two. The hope is that the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will be able to have Bilal and his wife properly classified as the refugees they are so the process of relocation may begin. This may be possible inside Saudi Arabia through the Canadian Embassy but may require being escorted by the UNHCR safely out of Saudi Arabia to a country that recognizes refugees so the application process to come to Canada can proceed. As you can see, nothing is easy, nor does anything happen quickly. We can only imagine the stress this imposes upon people already under terrible strain in their search to establish safe and productive lives and to secure a future for themselves and their children. The SRSC, through the three congregations continue to raise funds towards this end. Your prayers and financial support are crucial components of the continuing efforts."

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