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Sponsorship of a Syrian Refugee Family

Since the onset of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 almost five million Syrians have become refugees.
To understand exactly what exactly "refugee" means in the precise international context and, in particular in the Canadian and Quebec context you can spend a minute reading this: Who is a Refugee?

Aleppo, on November 29, 2012
(AP Photo/Narciso Contreras)

    To get an idea of the history of our local response have a look at this excerpt from the Summerlea United Church 2015 Annual Report: Sponsorship of a Syrian Refugee Family.

    The Summerlea Refugee Support Coalition committee or SRSC is coordinating the effort and being chaired by Sheila Laursen of the Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The committee membership follows this.

    "Summerlea" is in the title of the SRSC since any group agreeing to private refugee sponsorship must have a single signatory representative who is ultimately responsible for guaranteeing the minimum funds (about $34000 for a family of six) required for a full year's support and SUC was able to take this role. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by representatives of the three congregations that outlines our collective responsibilities.

    The SRSC is working with the nonprofit organization Action Réfugiés Montréal (ARM) to be partnered with family of Syrian refugees seeking a safe life here in Canada.

The News as of:

SRSC Membership
Summerlea United Church
Sinclair Harris, Nancy Mark & John Osborne
with Richard Legault & Janet Smart
representing finance.
Susan Czarnocki, Sari Kelen and Sheila Laursen
Rosalie Armstrong, Wendy Buchanan and Susan Hawker

Our efforts began with the first gathering
of interested parties that spawned the
West Island Refugee Network

Some words about
Some Web LINKS of interest.

Please make any suggestions/corrections/additions/subractions to me by email at SRSC

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