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The West Island Refugee Network (WIRN)

   As described on the SRSC page (in the "Sponsorship of a Syrian Family" document), the West Island Refugee Network or WIRN first met in December of 2015 at Summerlea after a general invitation had been issued to various West Island interested groups. Hence, twenty people gathered in St. Andrew's Hall at Summerlea. During this meeting, Sheila Laursen of LUUC took the lead and the two groups (the WIRN & the SRSC) were born. Sheila Laursen was later asked (and she accepted) to be the Chairperson of both groups.

   The WIRN has no set membership and all its meetings are open to any one interested in contributing or observing or learning is welcome. Meetings to date have been held in Summerlea's At. Andrew's Hall. To see what has been explored in this group have a look below at some of our minutes from those meetings. Of particular interest to me was the March meeting during which we met with Mehmet Deger, predident of the Dorval Mosque and some recent Syrian refugee arrivals.

Minutes of Three WIRN Meetings

December 11, 2015
March 15, 2016
Of particular interest in these minutes is news from the Dorval Mosque and a little of the story of a recently arrived refugee.
May 4, 2016

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