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1949 Let's Build It!

Following are the pages of a 1949 Let's Build It! pamphlet discovered while re-arranging storage on February 3, 2008. The pamphlet describes the need for a new church building and offers some intriquing historical perspectives.

The pictures are pickable to see a readable version (about 95 kB each).
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Page 2 indicates that Summerlea was founded in 1904, moved to a new church (on 51st Avenue),
in 1911 and had their first full-time minister in 1948. Presumably that was Rev. Duncan MacFarlane.

Page 3 shows a photo of the Sunday School and states that the enrolment had risen from 65 in 1942 to 186 in 1949, with average attendance of 130, all in a building about the size of what we now know as St. Andrew's Hall.

Pages 4&5 show a sketch of the local area, with the church to be "on the crest of a hill" (maybe it looked like that before all the houses were built). Also shown are the C.N.R. railway tracks along what is now Victoria, a tramway line along what is now Réné Huguet, and a "new school" on 48th Avenue.

The plan on Page 6 shows the original design, without the nursery/parlour/chapel, with a shorter Acadia Hall, and no St. Andrew's / Fellowship Hall.

Page 8 shows the Total Building Fund objective of $150,000, with $30,000 to be raised from the congregation.

1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Page 1
1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Page 2
1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Page 3
1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Pages 4&5
1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Page 6
1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Page 7
1949 Let's Build pamphlet
Page 8
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