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Summerlea Bazaar 2003
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The 2003 Summerlea bazaar took place Saturday November 15, 2003 under clear skies and cool temperatures with little wind. The ambience was festive and warm, and a good time was had by all. The money counters (among those we missed in the photos) tell us that it was financially successful as well.

Some of the people and activities before, during and after the bazaar are depicted in the photos on these pages, but we did not catch all of those who were involved. Many thanks from the Summerlea family to all who participated (photoed or not) in ways too numerous to tell.

Special thanks to Rev. Howard Clark (we didn't catch him on camera), who participated fully in his first Summerlea bazaar. In his role as 50th Avenue greeter, he made an additional advertising sign and counted more than 200 visitors entering by the 50th Avenue entrance, rather more than we would have guessed.

Special thanks as well to the students of Lakeside Academy, the Guides, and the Scouts, who helped to make up for Summerlea's limited manpower availability.

You can pick on the small photos below to see larger versions. To return here pick Back on your browser. (The photos were not posed, so do not necessarily show folks at their best.)

Wednesday Setup
Setup under the direction of Kathy Worsnip took place Wednesday afternoon and evening.
In the afternoon, manpower was provided by students from Lakeside Academy.

Evening manpower for the country store setup was provided by some men of the congregation, including your intrepid photographer who did not find time to take photos.

Thursday and Friday in the Kitchen.
In all, some 148 pans of sticky buns and 134 dozen bread rolls were made, including those made and frozen a few weeks previously.
1. Janet & Rolf Smart, Undeg Edwards
2. Ruth Heim & Janet Smart
3. Undeg Edwards, Marion Golden (in face mask to contain cold germs) & Ruth Heim

Getting Ready on Friday
1. Iris Pilkington, Jeanne Moore & ? setting up the bake table.
2. The Gift Baskets corner - new this year.
3. Shelf to display Barbies - also new this year.

1. Gregory & Richard Legault moving pies.
They moved pies to and from external freezers starting in mid October when the pies were made .
2. Ona & Lynnona Parsons setting up the jewellery table.
3. Irma Van der Veen & Dale Romagosa leaving the bake table setup.

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