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Anniversary Dinner 2004
Posted Oct 26, 2004
The 2004 anniversary dinner took place Saturday evening October 23. The dinner was a pot-luck affair attended by some 100 people of all age groups.

Following the dinner, some home-brewn entertainment took place in the Sanctuary to the delight of the audience.

Thanks to the Lakeside Academy students who set up the hall on Friday,
and to the unsung heroes who set up the buffet and cleaned up after dinner.
And a huge Thank you to Connie and Lucia and all the performers who made the after-dinner entertainment so enjoyable.

Following are some photos of the event. You can pick a small photo to see a larger version (sized to fit on a typical 800x600 screen without scrolling), then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

The pot-luck offerings brought by the attendees made for a pretty impressive buffet. The dessert buffet was equally impressive, but the photographer was too busy sampling it to take a photo.

After dinner entertainment was offered in the Sanctuary.
The combined senior and intermediate choirs, directed by Connie Osborne and accompanied on the piano by Lucia Williams, opened the proceedings with a moving rendition of "One Song" by Pepper Chaplin.
Later in the programme the three brave souls of the Intermediate Choir, despite missing their choir-mates, delivered a stirring "Healing River".
Later again, the Senior Choir presented "Fairest Lord Jesus" by Derek Hakes.

The Guffman Five (Minus One)
Darryl Macdonald, Maia Aziz, Mary Burns and Chris Maragoudakis (Martine Whiting absent) offered up two sets of their trademark mellow harmony, singing "Just the Way You Look", "My Romance", "Adoramus Te", and "Smile". To enhance the mood even more, Darryl then sang "The Mist-Covered Mountains of Home".

Amy Chen (violin), John Osborne (flute) and Connie Osborne (piano) presented
"Sonata in C minor" by Teleman, preceded by some remarks about Teleman by John.
Later, Amy and Connie offered Vivaldi's "Winter".

"Sitting on a Wall"
Rev. Howard Clark presented a hilarious monologue of a coal miner
who would rather be a judge, but does not have the Latin.
Unfortunately the photographer missed the opportunity to snap him in action.

The finale consisted of three scenes, featuring the original cast,
from the play "On Jonah", which was presented at Summerlea last spring.

"City of Sin"
The King and people of Nineveh seemed to enjoy their wicked life-style
before Jonah arrived to show them the error of their ways.

"Song of Forgiveness"
At first the Ninevites are contrite, but then they celebrate their new-found ways in songs of praise.

Everyone is joyful.

Connie thanks all the participants for their contribution to a very enjoyable evening.
Accompanist Lucia Williams at rear.

And once again Connie Osborne and her cast of thousands come through
with a delightful evening of entertainment.
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