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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

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Spring Artisan Fair 2004

Summerlea's annual spring artisan fair, a joint enterprise of the Lachine District Girl Guides and the Summerlea United / St. Andrew's Presbyterian Outreach Committe, was held at Summerlea United Church Saturday, March 27, 2004, a cloudy but mild spring day. The proceeds from this event are shared by the Guides, to support camping activities, and by the Outreach Committee, to support community outreach activities.

Below are snapshots of some of the participants. You can pick the icon to see the full-size photo. To return here after viewing the photo, click Back on your browser.

The Guides had their tent set up outside the 50th Avenue entrance,
offering welcome fare for folks wanting a quick snack.

Just for a change, let's start with those unsung heroes in the kitchen. We got some shots of the folks on duty when the photographer happened by.
1. Peter Maklan, mom Leslie McEwen and Carole Boulay.
2. Peter awaits a salad order.
3. Leslie, Peter and hubby Brian Maklan (looked like a family afffair at that moment).
4. Sue McKenzie hands off to Leslie McEwen (the word snapshot must have been coined by someone trying to get a photo of Sue - sort of like capturing greased lightning.)
5. Brian Maklan on oven duty.

In the busy lunch room we took some shots of the munching horde, those waiting in line, and some of the servers waiting to pick up orders at the kitchen.

Carol Cole sold tickets at the door.
Last year Pauline had this job - she was expecting any moment. This year she was helping the servers - her daughter was with her mother and we did not get a photo.

Rev. Howard Clark got in the act as a cheerful greeter.
1. With Amélie Poitras.
2. With his wife Sharon Moon of Cedar Park United Church.

Some of the artisans were set up in the lunch room - made for a busy place!

Acadia Hall was busy with artisans, wares and shoppers.

Some of the artisans in Acadia Hall with their wares.

Guides offered come-to-you refreshments.

More Acadia Hall artisans and their wares.

Some folks were set up in the nursery.

Some in the corridor outside the parlour (caught them by surprise!).

And others in the parlour.

Little wonder that the annual artisan fair is so popular!

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