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Beavers Sleep Over at Summerlea 26 Nov 2004
(Posted November 28, 2004)

Email from Scouter Mike Belanger, forwarded by Kathy Worsnip.

Another very successful Stoney Point area sleep over was held at Summerlea Friday November 26, 2004. It only took 6 hours to build this train while the youth were sleeping so that they could wake up to the wonderful surprise of the B P Express 30 arriving for their thirtieth birthday. I want to say thank you to all the leaders involved in this event and look forward to next years surprise.

Mike Belanger

Ed note:
At the end of the sleepover the train had to be moved to the stage
in preparation for the St. Andrew's closing service on Sunday.
As always, the halls were left in impeccable condition for the next users.

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