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Summerlea Bazaar 2004
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The 2004 Summerlea bazaar took place Saturday November 20, 2004 on a pleasant November day. The ambience was festive and warm, and a good time was had by all. The finance committee reports that it was financially successful as well.

Some of the people and activities during the bazaar are depicted in the photos on these pages, but we did not catch all of those who were involved. Many thanks from the Summerlea family to all who participated (photoed or not) in ways too numerous to tell.

Special thanks to Jane Cowell Poitras and Kate Smart for acting as coordinators on top of their full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

Special thanks to George Provias and John Hendery (not caught by the camera), who set up and took down the country store and the stage fittings, along with all the attendant duties.

Special thanks also to the students of Lakeside Academy, the Guides, and the Scouts, who helped to make up for Summerlea's limited manpower availability by setting up tables and books, helping in the lunch room and putting everything away after the bazaar, so the church and halls were spick and span for Sunday morning.

You can pick on the small photos below to see larger versions. To return here pick Back on your browser. (The photos were not posed, so do not necessarily show folks at their best.)

The Coordinators
Bazaar Coordinators Jane Cowell Poitras and Kate Smart
with hot dog purveyor Frank Romagosa.

Welcome to Summerlea!
1. Summerlea's Rev. Howard Clark greeted visitors at the 50th Ave Entrance.
2. Richard Hébert greeted visitors at the Acadia Entrance and controlled traffic
to the Antiques and Uniques room.
They gave Summerlea information brochures, describing upcoming events, to all visitors.

Acadia Hall Mid-Morning

Antiques and Uniques
1. Sarah McCall & Pearl Sargent
2. Jean Harkness
3. Agnes Cameron
4. Mona Lead, Helen McDowell & Heather McDowell
5. Dorothy Crozier
6. Lois Pavlasek
7. Edna Lee
8. Louise Emanuel

Santa Shop
(for child shoppers only)
1. Mary Guynan with shopper Cassandra McKenzie & Julie Moran
2. Ina Hall

Scout Cookies
Keith and Cassandra McKenzie

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