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Spring Cabaret 2004

Posted 2004-04-05
Saturday April 3 the Lyric Theatre Singers once again provided an evening of song, humour and rollicking good fun for the congregations and friends of Summerlea and St. Andrew's, under the sponsorship of St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation who also provided the dessert, coffee and tea for the intermission, which was billed as "of necessary length to eat your dessert".

Below are snapshots of some of the participants. You can pick the icon to see the full-size photo. To return here after viewing the photo, click Back on your browser.

For unknown reasons the photographer failed to get his brain in gear during the first part of the show, so the photos start at the intermission dessert session.
Abject apologies to the folks who entertained us so wonderfully in the first act.

The second act started with the Guffman Five, five members of the Lyric Theatre Singers
who do a little extra as a group.
L-R: Darryl Macdonald, Mary Burns, Maia Aziz, Martine Whiting, Chris Maragoudakis

Candice & Richard: When You're in my Arms

Hélène: Alto's Lament
(for once she got to sing a bit of the tunes)

Rob & Andrée: Here's to Love

Pierre: A Love Song
(Those Sara Lee lovers just wouldn't stay still for a photo.)

Vincent: Heart

Darryl, Cathy, Isabelle and Chris: 10 Years More (Les Misérables Misery)

The MC's sang their introduction and farewell.

Linda Laroche: Long Time Accompanist

And the Lyric Theatre Singers: The Party's Over
Bob Bachelor was hung up on a business trip, so Darryl did the conducting
- looked a little unconventional, but the singers sounded great.

Thanks to the Lyric Theatre Singers and to the St. Andrew's congregation for a wonderful evening.

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