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Howard Clark Birthday 2004

The April 25 2004 bulletin announced that it was Howard's birthday. During the children's hour Howard mentioned a severely bruised finger that turned out to have been acquired while working on his birthday present in the back yard. After church it transpired that Marion Golden had set up a couple of cakes to celebrate the occasion. We caught a few "candid" shots to memorialize the event. (We did not catch the bruised finger.)

Marion Golden, Sarah Cassidy and Michelle McKenzie lighting the candles,
which seemed reluctant to catch.

You mean you want me to blow out all those?!

Some help from Erin Overbury and Cassandra McKenzie - Marion conducting
Robbie Worsnip, Jacob Osborne and young John look on patiently.

Howard, Erin and Cassandra cut the cake with directions from Michelle.
Robbie, John and Jacob getting closer - Betty Smith and Gregory Legault look hungry too.

Marion serves cake to David Pryce.

Lois Pavlasek, Barb Moffat, Valerie Coffin and Shirley Ellison discuss weighty matters.

Howard seems able to hold the cake plate with his injured hand
while discussing with Lois, Barb and Marion.

Happy Birthday Howard, and many more!

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