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Lachine West Meals on Wheels
35th Anniversary Lunch Oct 18, 2004

Posted Oct 20, 2004
The 2004 annual luncheon for Lachine West Meals on Wheels volunteers took place at Summerlea United Church Monday, October 18, 2004, under the leadership of long-time branch leader Lucy French.

To celebrate the 35 years that the Lachine West MOW group has been in operation, the 75 attendees included former volunteers and some representatives from the West Island Volunteer Bureau, which coordinates West Island Meals on Wheels operations.

The event began at noon with a cocktail in St. Andrew's Hall (formerly Fellowship Hall), followed by lunch, annual meeting and other proceedings in Acadia Hall.

Following are some photos of the proceedings. You can pick a small photo to see a larger version (sized to fit on a typical 800x600 screen without scrolling), then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

The Head Table (L-R)
Jill Roberts - West Island Volunteer Bureau
Susan Armstrong - West Island Volunteer Bureau
Howard Harvey - Lachine West Chef and Treasurer
Lucy French - Lachine West President
Margaret Hendery - Lachine West Vice-president
Patrick Merrigan - West Island Volunteer Bureau Publicist
Rev. Howard Clark - Summerlea Minister

A few shots of the delicious and copious buffet, and partakers.

Mel and Ann Cockhill provided the cocktails and lunch.

After lunch, Lucy French had some kind words for the volunteers.

The volunteers, now replete, listened attentatively.

Then it was Treasurer Howard Harvey's turn.

Next Susan Armstrong brought congratulations and best wishes from the
West Island Volunteer Bureau.

Then Margaret Hendery brought some levity to the proceedings.

Then it was skit time.
Saint Frances (Lucy French) and Saint Catherine (Margaret Hendery) attempted to explain to God (Rev Howard Clark) how modern suburbanites enjoy his handiwork by watering and fertilizing their lawns to make the grass grow, only to cut it off and throw it away when it gets more than a couple of inches tall.
Then when the leaves fall to provide mulch, they rake them up, throw them away and buy mulch made by cutting down trees.
God is perplexed.

Resurrection Time - Elvis Returns!

Elvis gets some help from volunteer Doreen Padviskas.

And the audience sings along.
How do these youngsters know Elvis songs?

Lucy presents flowers to Elvis
(Patrick Merrigan of the West Island Volunteer Bureau).

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Shirley Ellison and Mel and Ann Cockhill clean up.
(They seem reluctant to be photographed).

Thanks to Lucy, Cockhills and the others who made this event so enjoyable,
and to all the Meals on Wheels volunteers
who so faithfully help to make life a little better for those in need.

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