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Pie Making 2004
Posted Oct 24, 2004
The 2004 pie making activities took place the Thursday - Saturday October 13-16 and Thursday October 21. The first Thursday apples were peeled and pastry was made in preparation for meat pies which were made Friday and Saturday. The second Thursday more apples were peeled, more pastry made and apple pies were assembled.

Total production was:
    Apple - 310 large and 352 small, total 662;
    Meat - 709 large and 156 small, total 865.

Your intrepid photographer was away the first week, so no photos of the proceedings are available. However, following are some photos of the October 21 apple pie making. You can pick a small photo to see a larger version (sized to fit on a typical 800x600 screen without scrolling), then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

Undeg Edwards assists Marion Golden
(pastry chef, pie coordinator, worship & membership leader, you name it!)
in the kitchen.

The pastry rolling team included Mary Guynan (caught her by surprise!) and
Undeg Edwards, Bonnie Macleod, Janet, Kate and Rolf Smart and Brian Maklan.

Apples were peeled and cored by machine in the kitchen (not shown), but final trimming and cutting was done by hand by Louise Emanuel, Audrey Kent and Lucy Richards, Agnes Cameron and Nancy Harvey, Jeanne Moore and others. Louise holds the last apple to be peeled.

The apples were then mixed with pre-packaged spices by
Dorothy Crozier and Marion Golden, among others not shown.

Helen McDowell and Sheri Moffat were among those filling the pies
with the cut and flavoured apples.
Carolyn Legault evaded the camera.

Helen McDowell filling pies while Howard Harvey and Marg Lynn
install and moisten tops for crimping by Ruth Heim.

Lewis Guynan boxes finished pies to put in the freezers while
Undeg prepares pie shells for filling.
(Marion Golden in the background.)

And once again the freezers are filled with apple and meat pies
ready to be bought and eaten by the hungry hordes.
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