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Maundy Thursday Seder 2004

The 2004 Maundy Thursday Seder was led by Summerlea's Rev. Howard Clark and St. Andrew's Darryl Macdonald, assisted by the members of the Enquirers' Class. The ceremony preceding the supper included lighting the candles, discussion of the Seder symbols, symbolic washing of hands, the retelling of the Passover story and consumption of the prerequisite cups of "wine".

The supper consisted of copious quantities of pot-luck provided by the participants, followed by equally generous portions of dessert and tea or coffee.

Following the supper the assemblage moved to the sanctuary to read responsively Psalm 22, then to divest the chancel of all ornamentation, in memory of the Cross, to be re-installed Easter Sunday in memory of the Resurrection.

Following are a few group photos of the participants. You can pick on the small photos to see a larger version. To return here, pick Back on your browser.

The two Fridays prior to the event and Maundy Thursday afernoon, hot cross buns were made by the team of Marion Golden, Janet Smart, Ruth Heim, Undeg Edwards and Mary Guynan. The team members declined to be photographed in their working gear, but some of the fruits of their labours were cooling in Acadia Hall.

The introductory passages were read by members of the Enquirers' Class, Tom Cassidy, Michelle McKenzie, Jacob Osborne and Gregory Legault, to be confirmed Easter Sunday along with Meghan Overbury who was not present. Here we have a back view of Keith McKenzie, Tom, Jacob and Michelle with Kevin and Susan McKenzie.

The remaining shots were taken as folks filled their plates from the groaning buffet and enjoyed the supper.

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