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UCW Awards Life Membership Pins
June 8, 2004

Posted 2004-06-08
At the year-end meeting of the UCW Serendipity Group on Tuesday June 8, 2004, president Mary Guynan awarded life membership pins to three long-time Summerlea members: Pearl Sargent, Lois Pavlasek and Nancy Bourne. In her introductory remarks Mary offered some personal reminiscences from her brief (for some folks, fourteen years is brief!) acquaintance with the recipients of the pins, and read part of a UCW congratulatory note. Following the presentations, Rev. Howard Clark read the remainder of the note and completed the event with a prayer.

The ladies then repaired to the Willows Inn in Hudson to enjoy a leisurely lunch with lots of talk, memories and laughter.

Below are a few photos of the event.

President Mary Guynan made some introductory remarks.

Pearl Sargent receives her pin.

Lois Pavlasek receives her pin.

Nancy Bourne receives her pin.

Howard Clark reads the closing portion of the central UCW remarks, followed by a prayer.

The three lifetime members: Pearl Sargent, Nancy Bourne & Lois Pavlesek

And again with Mary Guynan and Howard Clark

And the whole Serendipity Group at the Willows Inn

A nice way to close another year of fellowship and good deeds.

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