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Family Bowling - 15 Oct 2005
Posted 16 Oct 2005
Saturday October 15 some twenty Summerlea folk of all ages enjoyed an afternoon of bowling at the Belvedere lanes on 25th Avenue in Lachine. Belvedere bowling lanes is a modern facility with covered parking, automatic pin setters and tv monitors with automatic scoring and player indication.

A good time was had by all (even those of us who were outscored by the young folk). Our thanks to Valerie Coffin for organizing this very enjoyable event.

Following are a few (rather blurry) photos of the bowlers. They are pickable to see a larger version.

The participants, L-R
1 - Elizabeth Rodd, Betty Godin, Barend Bisheuvel, Barbara Davidson, Linda Rodd, Howard Clark
2 - Howard Clark, Marg Lynn, Val Coffin, Michelle Bitauld, John Coffin, Emmett Coffin, Roy Rodd, Caroline Rodd, Janet Smart
Bowling Fall 2005 Bowling Fall 2005

1, Seated - Michelle Bitauld, Barbara Davidson, Nancy Bourne
1, Standing - Howard Clark, Val Coffin, Marg Lynn, David Coffin
2 - Linda Rodd, Robert Rodd, Huntly Bourne, Barend Biesheuvel, Caroline Rodd, John Coffin
Bowling Fall 2005 Bowling Fall 2005

Janet Smart lined up with an air of concentration
and came dancing back too fast to capture. Must have been a good one!
Bowling Fall 2005 Bowling Fall 2005

The younger set (Caroline Rodd and Emmett Coffin bowling)
had an unconventional style and different responses,
but they beat some of us older guys.
Bowling Fall 2005 Bowling Fall 2005 Bowling Fall 2005

Marg Lynn (Nancy Bourne looking one) picked Val Coffin
as the bowler who had the most fun,
(because she so enjoyed her ten strikes in a row!).
Then the camera batteries died, so the trophy presentation was not captured - so sorry Val. Bowling Fall 2005

Thanks again, Valerie!

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