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Easter Sunday 2005

Your intrepid photographer missed the sunrise service at the Lakeshore attended by a few hardy souls on a beautiful, if cool, spring morning. Following the service they repaired to the church for sustenance.

The Easter family service was a joyful celebration of the Easter message, with music by Connie and a cast of thousands and a "Liturgical Dance" led by Michelle McKenzie and a few helpers, with the congregation joining in.

Following are a few group photos of the participants. The photos are pickable to see a larger version. To return here, pick Back on your browser.

The service began with the "By the Sea" chorus and Sunday School
singing a rousing rendition of "Alleluia" by Keithman & Horman.
(The rollicking musical "By the Sea" will be presented
at the morning service Sunday May 5,
and again the following Saturday, May 7 at 7 PM.)
Easter 2005 Easter 2005 Easter 2005

Surrounding Connie at the piano, the youth choir sang
"I Will Sing, I Will Sing" from The Whole People of God.
Later they offered "Child of God" by Tom Walker.
L-R in the second photo, front: Elizabeth & Caroline Rodd, Cassandra McKenzie, John Parmater.
Middle: Alayna Roy, Erin Overbury, Peter Maklan, Robbie Rodd, Keith McKenzie
Rear: Meghan Overbury, Michelle McKenzie, Shauna Overbury (hidden)
Easter 2005 Easter 2005

"Veni Sancte Spiritus"
Liturgical dance to the song "Come Holy Spirit"
Michelle McKenzie led helpers Connie Osborne, Howard Clark,
Irene Critchlow, Susan McKenzie and Marg Lynn.
The congregation joined in.
Easter 2005 Easter 2005 Easter 2005 Easter 2005

The youth choir joined the senior choir for the anthem "Here is Love", by Rees.
(Couldn't quite get them all in one shot.)
Easter 2005 Easter 2005

1. Peter Maklan, Robbie Rodd, Keith McKenzie, Alayna Roy.
2. Michelle McKenzie, Meghan and Shauna Overbury.
3. Elizabeth Rodd, Cassandra McKenzie, Caroline Rodd, Erin Overbury.
Easter 2005 Easter 2005 Easter 2005

The flowers were placed to the glory of God and in memory of
family and friends of members of the congregation.
Our thanks for the Easter banners to
Mary Guynan, Sheila Hébert, Helen McDowell and Barbara Miller.
. Easter 2005 Easter 2005

Very special thanks to music director Connie Osborne
for preparing and leading the music for this service
and for her on-going commitment and enthusiasm
in music and all activities at Summerlea.

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