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2005 Festival of Faith
Posted 17 Oct 2005
Saturday and Sunday, October 1 and 2, 2005, twelve United Churches from Montreal's West Island and Hudson celebrated the 80th year of the United Church of Canada.

The Saturday events at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre included choral and instrumental musical presentations by a number of the churches, and Summerlea's "By the Sea" musical drama, and a hall of tables presenting the thoughts and activities of each church. The event ran from 1 PM to 6 PM and by 3 PM all 600 of the handouts had been scooped up by visitors, so it is estimated that somewhere around 1000 people visited.

The Sunday event was a church service in the Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School auditorium. The auditorium seats 600 and was full to overflowing. The service featured a massed choir including members of all the church choirs, a musical ensemble and mini dramas dramatizing biblical stories and Christian concepts. Each church had a representative present the word that their congregation felt best represented the philosophy of that congregation. John Osborne presented Summerlea as a "spirited" congregation.

Not many photos were taken, but we have a couple of Summerlea's "spirited" table presentation. Our thanks to Val Coffin, Jane Percy and Aaron Miechkota who designed and set up the table and to Audrey Kent who helped to "woman" the table on Saturday.

Audrey Kent and Val Coffin at Summerlea's "spirited" table on Saturday
Summerlea's spirited table

Another shot of our spirited table and its neighbour.
Summerlea's spirited table

For Sunday, October 16 the gals set up the table in Acadia Hall for all to see.
Then they took it down again :(.
L-R: Jane Percy, Aaron Miechkota, Valerie Coffin, Marg Lynn
Summerlea's spirited table
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