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Darryl Macdonald Ordained 28 May, 2005

Posted 30 May 2005
After a decade of overcoming numerous challenges, Darryl Macdonald was ordained a minister of the United Church of Canada in an upbeat service at St. James United Church in Montreal on Saturday evening, 28 May 2005. About 100 Summerlea folk were in attendance at the service, which featured lots of singing, clapping and generally joyful response to the ordination of Darryl and three other ordinands, along with reception of three ministers from other denominations into the United Church.

Darryl's time at Summerlea has led us down some wonderfully interesting paths of learning and understanding. We shall miss him immensely, but we count ourselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to know him and to learn with him. His first charge will be at Two Mountains United Church, west of Montreal, but within commuting distance of his home in Montreal's West Island.

Congratulations and very best wishes to Darryl from the "new and improved" Summerlea United congregation (now including Darryl's former St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation).

Your untrusty photographer did not find a good location to take photos, but following are a few snapshots of the event, which are pickable to see a larger version.

St. James United Church as seen from Ste Catherine Street is lost among the store fronts, but seen from behind it is a lovely building now in the process of renovation.
Here we see a bit of the side entrance as folks snake their way in from the buses.
2005 Ordination

Preparing for the service, Darryl on the phone and
Howard with his banner to direct Summerlea folks back to the bus.
2005 Ordination

Inside, the church is in the form of a cross, large, light and open,
with a balcony on three sides.
The organ and choral music resound majestically.
2005 Ordination 2005 Ordination 2005 Ordination

We caught a shot of Darryl enjoying the event,
as the candidates processed up the aisle to a lively musical accompaniment.
2005 Ordination

Rev. Steve Gillam, Education of Students Committee Chair,
presented the four candidates for ordination:
Éloi Délali Têtê Gunn, Darryl Macdonald, Helen Hilaras and Marie-Claude Manga
and the three candidates for reception:
Pasquale Castellucio, Molly Mangana and Neil Whitehouse
2005 Ordination

Each candidate then gave a brief introduction of himself / herself,
while the other candidates looked on.
2005 Ordination 2005 Ordination

The Sermon was presented by United Church Moderator the Right Reverend Dr. Peter Short, who associated his home town of Fredericton by the St. John river with Montreal by the St. Lawrence river. He lauded the efforts of Rev Arlen Bonner and all those involved in the current restoration of St. James United Church, and warmed the local audience with references to smoked meat, Exp (oops!), etc., before hitting the main theme of the responsibilities of the candidates to proclaim and nurture the beliefs of the Christian faith.
2005 Ordination

The candidates were then received individually by laying on of hands
and presentation of a Chalice and a Bible,
during which photos were not permitted.

Following the service receptions were held in various church halls,
but the crush of people precluded photos.

Congratulations and best wishes to Darryl and to the other new United Church ministers.

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