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Pancake Sunday - 6 Feb 2005
Posted 6 Feb 2005
Summerlea's 34th annual pancake Sunday took place Sunday 6 February 2005. It was also transfiguration Sunday and we were treated to a sermon by Cathy Hamilton, a colleague of Darryl's in courses at the United Theological College.

During the lunch Tom Pavlasek related how the luncheons got started at Summerlea. It seems that Tom Miles, Summerlea minister at the time, took Tom aside one day and suggested that he get some of the men together to put on a pancake lunch for pancake Sunday. This being prior to the days when men felt confident in the kitchen, Tom went home to seek help and advice from Lois. After some consternation and practice with a number of the men of the congregaton the luncheon took place with great success.

And now 34 years later it continues to be a source of comradeship for the congregation, with close to 100 folks enjoying the pancakes, ham and beverages.

In recent years the event has been coordinated by Rolf Smart, although Tom Pavlasek still flips a mean flapjack. Our thanks to Rolf and the other men who helped in the kitchen and to the youth of the congregation who waited table very competently.

Following are a few photos. They can be picked to view a larger version.

Darryl and his flock sing "Walk with me".
They are looking at a screen that has the words projected on it.
L-R: Keith McKenzie, Alayna Roy, Cassandra McKenzie, Erin Overbury, Darryl,
Elizabeth & Caroline Rodd, John White, Peter Maklan.

Cathy Hamilton avoided facts and numbers in telling us about
theological education from a very intriguing perspective.

(Our apologies for the fuzzy photos.)

Can't miss an opportunity to shoot the choir.
(There must be a better way to say that!)

Back in Acadia Hall the young folks (and a few bosses) prepare for the onslaught.

And in the kitchen pancakes are rolling off the production line
L-R: Ian Mark, David Pryce, Rolf Smart, Richard Legault, Gregory Legault

Tom Pavlasek and Richard Hébert took to the stage.

Roy Rodd handed the platters to the servers at the kitchen window.
L-R: Meghan & Shauna Overbury, Jusin Roy, Michelle McKenzie, Tom Cassidy

A few shots of the pancake consumers from the stage.

The "head table": Chris Maragoudakis, Darryl Macdonald, Janet and Kate Smart.
Darryl with "Jesus - Action Figure" (a prop for the children's time).

A couple of shots of the consumers from the other end of the hall.

And a shot of the clean-up crew (most of whom also cooked)
Bill Lynn, George Provias, Gregory Legault, David Pryce,
Richard Legault, Richard Hébert, Rolf Smart.
Thanks to Janet Smart for taking the photo - she might find herself with another job!
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