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Summerlea Picnic June 12, 2005

Once again this year the Summerlea congregation gathered at Dorval Island to enjoy an outdoor service and picnic.

Our thanks to all the organizers, and to Linda Rodriguez for the photos. Your webmaster was absent, so comment is limited.

Thanks also to Louise Emanuel for providing the ferry crossing and the use of the recreation hall.

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The chair-bound crowd.
picnic 2005 picnic 2005 picnic 2005

Getting organized.
picnic 2005 picnic 2005

All together now.
picnic 2005 picnic 2005

Darryl Macdonald at his last Summerlea event,
with partner Chris,
and the Maklans.
picnic 2005 picnic 2005 picnic 2005

And once again, a good time was had by all.
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