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St. Andrew's Final Annual Meeting - 13 Feb 2005
Posted 13 Feb 2005
Having now joined with Summerlea United Church, the St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation held their final annual meeting in Summerlea's St. Andrew's Hall on Sunday morning February 13, 2005.

An historic event tinged with sadness for the end of 185 years as a Presbyterian congregation and buoyed by the hope and joy of resuming worship as a united Summerlea congregation after 80 years following separate paths.

Following are a couple of photos which are pickable to see a larger version.

Clerk of Session Barbara Davidson and Rev. Darryl Macdonald led the meeting

After the meeting the attendees gathered for a photo.

The meeting was followed by the Summerlea worship service
and then the Summerlea "bring your own lunch" annual meeting,
so the St. Andrew's folks were about meeting'd out by the time it was over.
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