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A Peace Candle from Surrey, BC, 22 May, 2005
Posted 22 May 2005
On Sunday 22 May 2005, former Summerlea member Heather (Maxwell) Fedele, husband Derrick and sons Ryan and Michael visited their Lachine stomping grounds to celebrate the 75th birthday of Derrick's mother Pauline. They took the opportunity to bring with them a Peace Candle for Summerlea from Northwood United Church in their current home of Surrey, BC.

They arrived at Summerlea during coffee hour after the service and presented the candle to Summerlea minister Howard Clark. Howard took the opportunity to make a brief ceremony in the sanctuary, with Heather's parents Frank and Judy Maxwell of Wolfville, N.S., also former Summerlea members, looking on.

The Candle will be presented to the Summerlea congregation officially next Sunday.

Following are a few snapshots, which are pickable to see a larger version.

In Acadia Hall, Ryan presented the candle to Rev Howard,
with brother Michael, mother Heather, and grandparents Judy and Frank looking on.
A Candle from Vancouver

In the sanctuary, Howard orchestrated a small photo op,
while attempting to minimize burnt fingers.
A Candle from Vancouver A Candle from Vancouver

And now they're ready: Derrick, Michael, Ryan and Heather with the candle alight.
A Candle from Vancouver

After the ceremony we got a couple of shots of the whole famdamily.
A Candle from Vancouver A Candle from Vancouver

It was great to see them all again,
and our thanks to Northwood United in Surrey, BC. for the Peace Candle.

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