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White Gift Sunday 2005
Posted Dec 6, 2005
White Gift Sunday 2005 took place December 4. The service included a monetary donation to the Lachine Food Bank, a play by the Sunday School and presentation of white gifts and gifts for children picked by the congregation from the Outreach Gift Tree during the past two weeks.

Our thanks to the Sunday School students who practiced for the play and to Sunday School leaders Susan McKenzie and Roy Rodd.

Following are a few rather fuzzy photos of the event. (We are in need of a photographer who knows how to take photos in low light without flash. Volunteers welcome.)
You can pick a small photo to see a larger version (sized to fit on a typical 800x600 screen without scrolling), then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

Valerie Coffin presented a cheque to Margaret Payette of the Lachine Food Bank,
who in turn thanked the congregation on behalf of the Food bank for the cheque
and for the on-going donations of food for the hungry which is ever more needed in Lachine.
Unfortunately the camera was not in position to snap their photo.

The children's story featured a crossword puzzle and some discussion
about cross words that caught everyone's attention,
followed by the Advent Song.

The Invitation to Worship and the scripture readings were offered by:
Amélie Poitras & Jacob Osborne
Meghan Overbury
Shauna Overbury
(split by the microphone)
Michelle McKenzie

"Bad King Wenceslas"

The Sunday School children then presented a variation on the Good King Wenceslas story.
Jester Erin Overbury, Page Alayna Roy and Cook Cassandra McKenzie set the scene.

Bad King Wenceslas Peter Maklan studied his crossword puzzle
while the jester gestured behind his back.

When the Page brought poor old man John Parmater
before the King for taking fire wood from the forest,
the king sent him off to the dungeon.
This prompted a rhyme from the Jester.

When the blind old woman, Elizabeth Rodd, asked for some aid,
the king told her to get lost.
Then the King asked the Cook for some cookies.

Then snow fell, allowing the Jester to make snow angels in.
And out popped another Jester rhyme.

Then in came some minstrels to serenade the King:
Shauna Overbury, Keith McKenzie, Jacob Osborne, Meghan Overbury,
Michelle McKenzie, Amélie Poitras, Robert Rodd & Justin Roy.

The King offered them some of his cookies, but only one crumb each.

Later a young girl, Caroline Rodd,
arrived and offered the King a shiny necklace as a gift.

The King was astounded that someone should offer him a gift,
but the young girl's actions and words led him to mend his ways.
So he offered cookies and juice to all in sight and they toasted his generosity.

The Jester rhymed it all up and everyone sang "Good King Wenceslas".

Susan & Keith McKenzie and Linda Rodd re-organized the white gifts
before Susan, Keith and Roy Rodd pronounced the Benediction.

And we close the White Gift Sunday story with a shot of the Gift Tree gifts
that the Outreach Committee will include in family food baskets.

Thank you to all who organized, prepared, learned, presented
and enjoyed this White Gift Sunday service.
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