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Confirmation Sunday 4 June 2006

Posted 5 June 2006
Following several months of study and preparation in the Enquirers Class led by Caroline Legault,
five Summerlea young folk were confirmed on Sunday, June 4, 2006.
Following are a few snapshots of the event, which are pickable to see a larger version.

The service kicked off with presentations by Linda Rodd to the Sunday School teachers
in recognition of their work with the young folk during the year.
With help from Caroline and Elizabeth Rodd presentations were made to
1. Susan McKenzie
2. Roy Rodd
3. Kevin McKenzie.
Kevin and and Roy received tickets to an Alouettes football game.
2006 Confirmation Day 2006 Confirmation Day 2006 Confirmation Day

Susan and Roy presented graduation certificates to
Peter Maklan and Alayna Roy, who move on to the Youth Group next year.
Then the other young folks received their Sunday School diplomas.
2006 Confirmation Day 2006 Confirmation Day

Shauna Overbury, Keith McKenzie (hidden), Amélie Poitras and Justin Roy read the Call to Worship
as other youngsters ran up the aisle to offer Pentecost banners at the communion table.
(The banner carriers were just a blur in their photos.)
2006 Confirmation Day

The communicants joined the congregation to sing a hymn before confirmation:
L-R: Robbie Rodd, Keith McKenzie, Shauna Overbury, Amélie Poitras, Justin Roy.
2006 Confirmation Day 2006 Confirmation Day

After confirmation they joined Caroline Legault, leader of the Enquirers' Class,
as the congregation sang "The Lord Bless You and Keep You".
2006 Confirmation Day

After the service a cake awaited them in Acadia Hall.
Caroline and Elizabeth Rodd studied it intently.
2006 Confirmation Day 2006 Confirmation Day

The new members lined up for a shot behind the cake:
L-R: Shauna Overbury, Keith McKenzie, Robbie Rodd, Justin Roy, Amélie Poitras.
2006 Confirmation Day

Caroline Legault cut the cake while the hungry ones awaited (patiently?).
2006 Confirmation Day
Congratulations and best wishes to the communicants.

Meanwhile, Emmi Ricard is chomping at the bit with Mom Isabelle Bertolloti.
Soon it will be her turn.
2006 Confirmation Day 2006 Confirmation Day

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