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Dzintra Erliha Piano Concert 28 Feb 2006
Posted 1 Mar, 2006
On February 28, Summerlea hosted a piano concert by a talented and delightful young Latvian pianist, Dzintra Erliha. The event was organized by the Montreal Latvian community, with help from Summerlea's music director, Connie Osborne.

The concert included a number of works by Latvian composers:
    Aivars Lalejs - "Early Spring"
    Lucija Garuta - 2 Preludes
    Lucija Garuta - "The Old Days"
    Janis Ivanovs - "Miniature in D Major"
    Peteris Vasks - "Landscapes of the Burned-out Land"
and two by more traditional composers.
    Frederick Chopin - 3 Mazurkas
    Franz Liszt - "Valée d'Oberman"
plus three encores in response to the enthusiastic audience.

Following are a few photos of the event. You can pick a small photo to see a larger version, then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

Connie Osborne, Summerlea's music director, welcomed the audience to Summerlea
and invited them to refreshments after the concert.
Connie Osborne - Summerlea Music Director Connie Osborne - Summerlea Music Director

Andrejs Vitols, Chairperson of the Council of Montreal Latvian Organizations
and conductor of the Latvian mixed choir "Atbaiss", introduced the pianist.
Dzintra Erliha - Pianist

Pianist Dzintra introduced each piece, sometimes quite animatedly.
Dzintra Erliha - Pianist Dzintra Erliha - Pianist Dzintra Erliha - Pianist

She played with intense concentration, eyes closed most of the time.
Dzintra Erliha - Pianist Dzintra Erliha - Pianist Dzintra Erliha - Pianist Dzintra Erliha - Pianist

At the end of the concert she was presented with flowers,
only to be called back for three encores.
Dzintra Erliha - Pianist

Our thanks to Dzintra Erliha for giving us the pleasure of her music,
and to the Montreal Latvian community for bringing her to us.
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