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Lachine West Meals on Wheels
Annual Lunch Oct 23, 2006

Posted Oct 28, 2006
The 2006 annual luncheon for Lachine West Meals on Wheels volunteers took place at Summerlea United Church Monday, October 16, 2006, under the leadership of long-time branch leader Lucy French.

Following are a few photos of the proceedings.

At the head table were (L_R)
Howard Harvey, Lachine West Chef and Treasurer
Pierrette Grégoire, Lachine West Vice-president
Lucy French - Lachine West President
Patrick Merrigan - West Island Volunteer Bureau Publicist
??? - West Island Volunteer Bureau Volunteer Recruiter
2006 MOW Lunch

2006 MOW Lunch

Lucy French thanked all the volunteers for their on-going commitment to Meals on Wheels.

2006 MOW Lunch
Pierrette Grégoire offered to prepare a brief newsletter each month,
to keep the volunteers up to date on one another and the volunteer world.

2006 MOW Lunch
Howard Harvey gave the financial report.
The $2.00 price charged does not cover the cost of the food and supplies,
but donations make up the difference, so the operation is in the black financially.

2006 MOW Lunch
?? , Director of Recruitment for the West Island Volunteer Bureau,
described some of the difficulties in recruiting and in volunteerism in general,
due to cut-backs in federal government funding.

2006 MOW Lunch
Patrick Merrigan, West Island Volunteer Bureau Publicist,
led the volunteers in a few Elvis songs.
He did not have his Elvis costume with him.

Our thanks to Ann & Mel Cockhill and to Roy Rodd for preparing and serving the lunch.
We regret that we did not get them on camera.

And a few shots of the fêted volunteers.
2006 MOW Lunch 2006 MOW Lunch 2006 MOW Lunch 2006 MOW Lunch 2006 MOW Lunch 2006 MOW Lunch 2006 MOW Lunch

Thanks to Lucy and the others who put on this event,
and to all the Meals on Wheels volunteers
who so faithfully help to make life a little better for those in need.

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