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Octet Plus Benefit Concert 12 May 2006
Posted 16 May 2006, added photos by Linda Rodd 29 June 2006
Friday, 12 May 2006, a large and enthusiastic audience enjoyed
an Octet Plus Spring Benefit Concert at Summerlea,
with the proceeds going to the Summerlea organ replacement fund.

The Octet Plus choir, a semi-professional ensemble directed by Alan Daye
and accompanied by Summerlea's music director Connie Osborne, presented
works by Aaron Copland, Billy Joel, John Rutter, Oscar Peterson and others in a
wonderfully varied mix of music, from soulful to joyous.

Mr. Daye requested that flash photos not be taken during the performance,
so following are a few photos of the group, taken during the concert without flash.

Couldn't get them all in one photo. Several Summerlea folks were among the singers.
In the first photo, Sheila Hébert second from left in the first row,
and Mel Cockhill second from right in the last row.
In the second photo, Marion Golden and Janet Smart at right in the front row.
And the whole gang in the third photo, by Linda Rodd.
Octet Plus May 2006 Octet Plus May 2006 Octet Plus May 2006

Soloist Tracy Davidson takes a bow.
(Photo by Linda Rodd)
Octet Plus May 2006

Accompanist Connie joined the choir for some of the songs.
Octet Plus May 2006 Octet Plus May 2006

Alan Daye on the podium as the choir moved
to the sides of the sanctuary for one of the songs,
and directing from back in the sanctuary.
Octet Plus May 2006 Octet Plus May 2006

Connie Osborne joined Alan Daye for the applause at the end.
(Photo by Linda Rodd)
Octet Plus May 2006

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