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Picnic 2006

Posted 13 June 2006
For the first time in well over a decade, cool damp weather forced the Summerlea picnic indoors for a fun service in St. Andrew's Hall, followed by picnic lunch.

Leslie Field led the music on guitar.
(Last night she played sax and sang at the
concert by the Lakeshore Concert Band.)
To Howard's right is visitor Mary Ellen Houde, and behind him Barb Moffat.
Picnic 2006

Jeff Barlow asked the congregation to signify their interest in some activities
by raising hands up to show high interest, and down to show low interest.
It seems that most of the suggested activities (camping, campfires, etc.) evoked high interest.
Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006
Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006

(Rev) Howard Clark talked about the Story for all Ages,
that morphed into a sing-along.
Picnic 2006

The challenge: to explore the meaning of:
a) What does it mean to be grounded in faith?
("A week of no TV" got few backers.)
b) Where do we find nourishment?
("The grocery store" seemed obvious, but not quite the idea.)
c) What is our relationship to creation?
("We're part of it" did not seem too far out.)

1. John Osborne, David Pryce, Janet & Rolf Smart took some pleasure in the discussion.
2. Keith McKenzie, Robbie Rodd and Jacob Osborne discussed with intern minister Jeff Barlow,
while Cassandra McKenzie and Elizabeth Rodd talked with Leslie Field.
3. Howard Clark joined the discussion.
Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006

1.Kevin, Susan and Michelle (on Mummie's lap) McKenzie,
discussed with Linda, Caroline and Roy Rodd,
while in the back row Peter Maklan and Mom Leslie McEwen
discussed with Keith Field.
2. Over in the corner, Amélie Poitras discussed with Barb Moffat (hidden) and ???,
while Howard Clark looked up the answers.
Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006

After the service some folks gathered round the camp fire,
while others gathered around the food table.
Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006

And thus a rainy day turned into a fun event.

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