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Serendipity Year-End Lunch 2006

Posted 13 June 2006
On Tuesday, 13 June 2006, twenty-six ladies of the Summerlea Serendipity Group enjoyed a year-end lunch at La Maison Verte on Gouin Boulevard.
Marg Lynn took some photos to cast the memory in cyber space.
The photos are pickable to see a larger version.

L-R: Margaret Hendery, Kay Charlton, Joan McCauley, Mary Massie,
Lois Pavlasek, Mona Lead, Nancy Bourne.
Serendipity Lunch 2006

L-R: Sarah McCall, Mary Oulton, Pearl Sargent, Bev Gill,
Jeanne Moore, Agnes Cameron, Nancy Harvey.
Serendipity Lunch 2006

L-R: Ruth Heim, Dorothy Crozier, Helen McDowell,
Susan Ippersiel, Summerlea's amazing secretary,
Edna Lee, Virginia Carlisle.
Serendipity Lunch 2006

L-R: Same again, but with Marg Lynn seated while Susan took the photo.
Serendipity Lunch 2006

L-R: Louise Emanuel, Jean Harkness, Betty Smith, Audrey Kent, Mary Guynan.
Serendipity Lunch 2006

Serendipity Lunch 2006

The whole gang on the steps. (Two shots to choose from.)
Serendipity Lunch 2006 Serendipity Lunch 2006

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