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Barend Re-visited, Oct 21, 2007

Posted Oct 28, 2007
Enroute home from a wedding anniversary celebration in Lakefield, Ontario on Saturday, October 20, Marg and Bill Lynn made a stop-over in Madoc, and took in the Sunday service led by Summerlea's ex-student, Barend Biesheval, at St. Andrew's United Church in Queensborough.

Barend serves two congregations, one in Eldorado about 12 km north of Madoc, and one in Queensborough, about 15 km east of Eldorado. (Madoc is about 40 km north of Belleville.)
Barend Re-visited

We found the Eldorado church (it seems to be a couple of km north of Eldorado)
about 10:20 AM and took a photo while we waited for the 9:30 AM service to end.
Barend Re-visited

After the Eldorado service we intercepted Barend and followed him to Queensborough for the 11 AM service. He doesn't have time to linger between services, because the route winds over country roads.
At Queensborough we took a few photos of the exterior of St. Andrew's United Church.
Barend Re-visited Barend Re-visited Barend Re-visited

We took a shot of the interior of the church before folks arrived for the service, and one of Barend during the announcements. The congregation was similar to a Summerlea summer congregation, with half a dozen young folk to hear a story before heading off to Sunday School.
Barend Re-visited Barend Re-visited

We had a brief chat with Barend before and after the service. He enjoys the area and the people, although he travels fairly frequently to Montreal and has visited his daughter in Taiwan with side trips to Hong Kong and Beijing.
And that's our news of Barend.

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