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Summerlea Bazaar 2007

The 2007 Summerlea bazaar took place Saturday November 17, 2007 on a sunny but breezy and cold day. The ambience was festive and warm, and a good time was had by all. The finance committee reports that it was financially successful as well.

The sometimes trusty Summerlea snap shooter was busy grandfathering, but a few shots were snapped. It was announced at church on Sunday that over 120 helper nametags had been issued. Many thanks from the Summerlea family to all those who participated in ways too numerous to tell.

Special thanks to Nancy Mark and Sinclair Harris for acting as coordinators on top of their full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

Special thanks to George Provias, who set up the country store and installed the festive lighting early Thursday morning and put it all away Monday morning, in addition to all his normal duties.

Special thanks also to the Summerlea Youth Group, Guides, and Scouts, and leaders and students of Lakeside Academy, who helped by setting up tables and books, helping in the lunch room and helping to put everything away after the bazaar, so the church and halls were spick and span for Sunday morning.

You can pick on the small photos below to see larger versions. To return here pick Back on your browser. (The photos were not posed, so do not necessarily show folks at their best.)

Early Morning Bazaar Day
A few photos of Acadia Hall before things got going on bazaar day.

Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Toys and White Elephant on Stage
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Gift Baskets, Candy and Knit Goods
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Plants, Krafts, Baking
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Pot-pourri, Country Store
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

A Very Few Shots During the Bazaar

Some of the visitors
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Toys and White Elephant on Stage
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Baking, Gift Baskets, Krafts
Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007 Bazaar 2007

Apologies for the limited coverage of this really fun event.

Many thanks to Sinclair and Nancy and to all the other folks
who helped produce another very successful bazaar.

Update 24 Nov 2007
All the meat pies sold out at the bazaar. Some members of the Summerlea congregation were disappointed at not getting any, so on Friday November 23 our ever-accommodating baking team made about 30 additional full-size and 40 additional boxes of four individual-size pies. Among the bakers on this occasion was Betty Godin.
Bazaar 2007

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