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Family Sunday, May 13, 2007
Posted May 16, 2007
Sunday, May 13, 2007, was Christian Family Sunday
(commonly known as Mother's Day) at Summerlea.
The service featured the Youth Choir, alone and with the Senior Choir.

Following are a few photos of the proceedings (pickable to see a larger version).

The Youth Choir.
L-R: Alayna Roy, Michelle McKenzie, Amélie Poitras, Jacob Osborne, Erin Overbury, John Parmater,
Cassandra McKenzie, Robert, Elizabeth & Caroline Rodd, Peter Maklan, Shauna & Meghan Overbury.
2007 Christian Family Sunday 2007 Christian Family Sunday

Keith McKenzie on bass guitar and Justin Roy on trumpet (organ trumpet, that is!).
Alayna Roy played the flute, but we did not catch her on camera.
2007 Christian Family Sunday

The Youth Choir with the Senior Choir.
2007 Christian Family Sunday 2007 Christian Family Sunday

The Senior Choir, with Mums for Moms in front.
The mums had been purchased previously by members of the congregation
in support of the prevention of HIV transmission from mother-to-child through
running counseling and voluntary testing at prenatal clinics in Malawi.
2007 Christian Family Sunday

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