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Joybox, the Drama - May 6, 2007
from "Happy Tales, Fables and Plays", by Gordon C. Bennett, John Knox Press, © 1975
Adapted for performance and directed by Howard Clark

Posted May 16, 2007
On Sunday, May 6, 2007, a number of Summerlea folks of all ages
presented the drama "Joybox" for the pleasure of the congregation.

Cast in Alphabetical order
Michèle Bitauld - woman
Marion Golden - townsfolk
Mary Guynan - Narrator 1
Cassandra McKenzie - Prime Minister
Michelle McKenzie - Priest
Susan McKenzie - Narrator 2
Kevin McKenzie - Delivery guy
Erin Overbury - Counsellor
John Parmater - townsfolk
Jane Percy - townsfolk
David Pryce - Policeman
Caroline Rodd - townsfolk
Elizabeth Rodd - townsfolk
Justin Roy - King
Alayna Roy - Narrator 3
Janet Smart - Mayor
Undeg Edwards - Piano
Leslie Field - Guitar
Keith Field - Bongos
Backstage/props/costumes -
Kim Blatherwick & Richard Roy

Following are a few photos of the proceedings (pickable to see a larger version).

The Overture, with the whole cast.
2007 Joybox

Narrator 1 tells us that the King is perplexed,
because one village in his kingdom is full of doom, gloom and despair.
How can he help them be happy?
His Prime Ministe and Counsellor have some not-too-helpful suggestions.
2007 joybox 2007 joybox

The King ponders the problem.
2007 joybox

The King has had an idea.
A box marked "Joy" arrives in the village.
Everyone is suspicious - why would the King send them a gift?
2007 joybox 2007 joybox

After some pleading and even begging, Madame Mayor allows the box to be opened.
A bunch of mirrors allow everyone to see themselves, with considerable pleasure.
2007 joybox 2007 joybox

But the priest says "Enough of this frivolity" - so back in the box go the mirrors.
2007 joybox 2007 joybox

The villagers return to their gloomy life, but the King has another idea.
A box of dancing dolls arrives, and the scenario repeats itself.
2007 joybox 2007 joybox 2007 joybox

Once again the villagers are gloomy, but the King is not to be defeated
Another box arrives, cajoling and begging take place, but Madame Mayor is adamant,
2007 joybox 2007 joybox

until a sound comes from the box.
Now Madame Mayor is forced to allow it to be opened
and the policeman brings out a small baby.
2007 joybox 2007 joybox 2007 joybox

Everyone, including Madame Mayor, is entranced by the baby.
Now gloom and doom are replaced by happiness and joy -
the King has succeeded!
2007 joybox 2007 joybox 2007 joybox

Narrator 2 and the musicians -
Leslie Field on guitar, Keith Field on bongos and Undeg Edwards on piano.
2007 joybox 2007 joybox

Our thanks to all those who spent many Saturdays rehearsing
to bring us this joyful story.
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