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Lachine West Meals on Wheels
Annual Meeting and Lunch Oct 15, 2007

Posted Oct 25, 2007
The 2007 annual general meeting and luncheon for Lachine West Meals on Wheels volunteers took place at Summerlea United Church Monday, October 15, 2007, under the leadership of long-time branch Director Lucy French.

Following are a few photos of the proceedings.

Lachine West Director Lucy French opened the luncheon
with a thanksgiving blessing.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

The volunteers then enjoyed a buffet lunch.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch 2007 MOW AGM & Lunch 2007 MOW AGM & Lunch
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch 2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

Among the volunteers were some young ladies from Lakeside Academy
who have helped in the kitchen.
Victoria Pinnell, the Lakeside Academy coordinator, thanked them
and chef Geraldine Hanash, who has worked with the students, looked on.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch 2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

Marjorie Phillip and Rose Wilkins were celebrating birthdays,
but they did not say which.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch 2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

After lunch some business was attended to.
Howard Harvey gave the Treasurer's report in which he reminded everyone that he does not handle money, he just does the accounting. He noted that Lachine West MOW provides meals at $2.00 each, the deficit being made up by donations from Lachine government and business organizations. He also noted that some $900 was donated to Summerlea church in recognition of their providing space and facilities for Meals on Wheels.

Note the candle, made from ice by Mrs. Spangl.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

Co-Director Pierrette Grégoire discussed some issues and asked for suggestions.
Several ideas were shared on how to produce meals more efficiently.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

Paul Bissonnette, Director of Volunteer West Island, congratulated the group on their successful operation and noted that not all groups are as successful in finding volunteers.
Also present from Volunteer West Island were Patrick Merrigan, Director of Volunteers (and sometime Elvis), and Madeleine Costigan, MOW Coordinator.
2007 MOW AGM & Lunch 2007 MOW AGM & Lunch

Thanks to Lucy and the others who put on this event,
and to all the Meals on Wheels volunteers
who so faithfully help to make life a little better for Lachine seniors.

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