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Stained Glass Window Dedication 2007

When the St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation joined Summerlea in January 2005, they brought with them the stained glass windows from their former church on Sherbrooke Street at Meadowbrook. There were six tall windows with shorter side windows, and six medallions.

Much thought and discussion went into deciding how the windows could be used appropriately in the Summerlea sanctuary and halls. The only location that seemed to lend itself was the large window in the south end of the sanctuary. The side windows from St. Andrew's would not fit in the windows on each side, but it seemed feasible to use the medallions.

Rev. Howard Clark prepared several computer photo mockups of possible window selections for that location and the Board was asked to make a choice. They chose the Good Shepherd, because of its symbolism of Christian ideals and its rich colour. At a meeting of the Sanctuary Refurbishment Committee in early 2007, former St. Andrew's member Euan Crabb was asked to contact stained glass artisan Cliff Oswald of Pointe-Claire, to discuss the situation.

Cliff Oswald came to look at the windows and became enthused with the project. He presented a bid to modify and install the windows, which was accepted by the Board. In March he took out the Summerlea stained glass and took it to his shop together with the necessary St. Andrew's windows. During Easter week he came back and installed the windows (overlapping the voicing of the new Phoenix organ which was also taking place).

While he was at it, Cliff took away the damaged stained glass window from Grace Chapel, repaired it and re-installed it. To cap it all, he took an unused stained glass window from Grace Chapel and made a stained glass hanging for Howard's office.

During the discussions with Cliff Oswald it turned out that Wyman Memorial United Church in Hudson was looking for two stained glass windows to celebrate their 100th anniversary. The former St. Andrew's members were polled and agreed unanimously that it would be better for their remaining windows to be in a church than stored away in our attic. At this writing the Board of the Hudson church is considering this option.

The St. Andrew's Presbyterian stained glass windows installed in the Summerlea south sanctuary window were dedicated during the 2007 Easter family service. Howard had draped the windows with a shroud which was removed to reveal the wonderful resurrection of the St. Andrew's windows during the dedication.

After the service the window in Grace Chapel was re-dedicated, having been dedicated in the 1970's when Grace United closed and some members joined Summerlea.

The window shrouded before the dedication ceremony.
2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication

The shroud was removed during the dedication,
with the congregation assembled at the rear of the church
2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication 2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication

A better shot of the window taken after the service.
2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication

The refurbished Grace Chapel window.
Former Grace United member Marion Golden reads the re-dedication
while John Coffin and Annabel McLaughlan look on.
2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication 2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication

Cliff Oswald and his apprentice-helper David Bourden during installation and upon completion.
(The photos have been brightened to try to show the men, causing the windows to appear washed out.)
2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication 2007 Stained Glass Window Dedication

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