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Easter Sunrise Service 2007 (Brrrr)

The 2007 Easter sunrise service took place on a wintry 8th of April, 2007. The hardy participants gathered at the church at 7 AM and walked to the lakeshore for the service. Following the service they returned to the church, where they first carried the adornments, which had been moved to the back of the sanctuary on Maundy Thursday after the seder supper, back to their places at the front of the church.

Then came a breakfast of juice, hot cross buns, cheese, fruit and tea or coffee prepared by the worship committee with help from some of the young folk, and served by Roy Rodd, to help get the blood flowing after the cool events on the lakeshore.

Following are a few group photos of the participants. The photos are pickable to see a larger version. To return here, pick Back on your browser.

After gathering at the church the participants headed for the lakeshore, led by Peter Maklan carrying the cross.
A number of other folks joined the group at the lakeshore.
(The full-size version of this photo is wider than most screens. If it fits in your screen, you may be able
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2007 Sunrise Service

En route to the service location, the icy lake and wind
reminded us that spring had not yet truly sprung.
2007 Sunrise Service

The service included some readings and hymns, and distribution of tulips.
(The camera became cranky in the cold, so only two photos were taken.)
2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service

Back at the church, St. Andrew's Hall was all set up with breakfast
of juice, hot cross buns and cheese, fruit, and tea or coffee.
We snapped some of the folks partaking.
2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service
2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service
2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service 2007 Sunrise Service

Then some visitors were off to Toronto, choir members to practice,
some folks to dish-washing. Next the family service at 10:30 AM.
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