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Anniversary Dinner & Show Feb 16, 2008
Posted 19 Feb, 2008
Summerlea's annual Anniversary Dinner took place Saturday evening February 16, 2008 in Acadia Hall, followed by a concert / show in the Sanctuary. The turkey pie dinner was prepared by our intrepid Summerlea kitchen crew and served buffet style. The Youth Group set up the tables Saturday morning, served dessert and cleared the tables and put them away after dinner, and washed the dishes. Thanks team.
Following dinner, the assemblage repaired to the sanctuary for a presentation of song and humorous anecdotes arranged by Summerlea's music director Connie Osborne and friends.

Following are a few photos of the event. You can pick a small photo to see a larger version, then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

2008 Anniversary Dinner 2008 Anniversary Dinner 2008 Anniversary Dinner 2008 Anniversary Dinner
Some views of the hungry masses feeding their faces,
two from the stage and two from the rear of the hall.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
The miscreant photographer caught only one shot
of a few of the workers taking a snack break.

Then it was off to the sanctuary, after a short break while
the musical instruments warmed up from the winter cold.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
First up was the Lakeshore Saxaphone Quartet,
with Keith and Leslie Field, David Burrage and David Spencer.
They got us in the swing with Maple Leaf Rag, My Darling Ploughboy,
Sensitivity (Part 1) and Five Cameos.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
Summerlea's minister, Rev. Howard Clark, read an amusing
down-east tale of his own creation about The Wood Stove.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
John Osborne on flute and Connie Osborne on organ offered Bach's Fantasia.

2008 Anniversary Dinner 2008 Anniversary Dinner
John Osborne on flute, David Burrage on Clarinet, and Connie Osborne on piano
presented For the Two of Us, by Barbara Tate.

2008 Anniversary Dinner 2008 Anniversary Dinner
John Osborne on flute and David Burrage on piano
(so we heard David on Alto sax, clarinet and piano).

2008 Anniversary Dinner
Tom Pavlasek presented his irreverent findings from world travels
about "The Legend of Roberta Oglethorpe", to the delight of all.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
Leslie Field, Guitar and Voice, and Keith Field on Alto Recorder
presented Penelope's Song, by Loreena McKennitt.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
Janet Smart told the story of Cinderella revised.
Don't know how she managed all those mangled words,
or kept a straight face.
The audience certainly couldn't.

2008 Anniversary Dinner 2008 Anniversary Dinner
Kate Miller on trumpet (mellow!) and Connie Osborne on piano, with John Osborne on percussion,
offered Mo' Better Blues, Stolen Moments and My Little Suede Shoes.

2008 Anniversary Dinner
The Summerlea choir brought the show to a close with
a swingin' Down to the River to Pray.

Many thanks to all who prepared meals, set up and took down tables, served and cleaned up
and to those who provided us with an evening of delightful entertainment.

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