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Summerlea Candlelight Service 2008

Thursday evening, December 11, 2008 featured Summerlea's annual candlelight service of Christmas carols and readings, enjoyed by the Summerlea congregation and visitors from the surrounding community.

The Summerlea choir under the direction of Summerlea music director Connie Osborne included some musical friends plus Kate Miller on trumpet and John Osborne on flute. Soloists in the Christmastide Carol were Selga Vitols, Carolyn Osborne, Michèle Bitauld, Marion Golden and Mel Cockhill. In the Nativity Tale the soloists were Barbara Moffat and Janet Smart.

Greeters were Dale Krujelsis & Lewis Guynan and Marg & Bill Lynn.

Other participants included:
Rev. Howard Clark: Opening Scripture Sentence
Jacob Osborne: Welcome and Greetings
Ruth Heim: Call to Worship
Ruth Crabb: Prayer of Approach
Joan McCauley: A Christmas Prayer of Confession
Vince Nudo: Old Testament Lesson
Alayna and Jusin Roy, Peter Maklan: New Testament Lesson
Rev. Howard Clark: Introduction of Guest Speaker
Margie Ann MacDonald: Guest Speaker
Kate Miller and John Osborne: Offertory Music (O Holy Night)
Sinclair Harris: Offering Dedication
Rev. Howard Clark: A Christmas Prayer
Caroline Legault: Lighting of the Candles
Ruth Heim: Benediction and overall organization.

The service was followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments in Acadia Hall.

Thanks to Ruth Heim for organizing this event and to the Serendipity ladies and friends for arranging and providing the fellowship setting and refreshments.

Following are some (not very good) photos (pickable to view a larger version).

The processional included the choir and participants - quite a parade.
Processional Processional
Processional Processional

Lighting of the Advent wreath.
Kevin, Susan, Keith Cassandra & Michelle McKenzie
Kevin, Susan, Keith, Cassandra
& Michelle McKenzie
Roy, Caroline, Elizabeth & Linda Rodd
Roy, Caroline, Elizabeth & Linda Rodd

Brian, Peter & Leslie Maklan
Brian, Peter & Leslie Maklan

John Palmeter & Susan White
John Palmeter & Susan White
(Susan rather hidden)

The congregation and the choir (with friends), lights on.
2008 Candle light service 2008 Candle light service

Lights off, candles lit, and lights on to sing "Let There Be Peace On Earth".
2008 Candle light service 2008 Candle light service 2008 Candle light service

Enjoying refreshments in Acadia Hall after the service.
2008 Candle light service 2008 Candle light service 2008 Candle light service

Once again Summerlea's candle light service inspires us
with the joy and fellowship of the Christmas season.

And once again we express the Christmas spirit
in the words of the traditional candlelight service hymn:

Let there be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me.

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