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Paula Kline at Summerlea March 2, 2008
Posted 4 Mar, 2008
On Sunday, March 2, 2008, with Rev. Howard Clark on holiday in Paris, the Summerlea congregation had the pleasure of welcoming Paula Kline to lead the service. Among her many roles, including chairperson of Montreal Presbytery, Paula is the director of the Montreal City Mission, located at St. James United Church in downtown Montreal.

Paula had prepared a children's story, but was not familiar with the Summerlea routine so the young folks disappeared before she had a chance to try it out on them. However, she did offer an enjoyable and inspiring talk called "Living at the Edge brings us to the centre", in which her activities at Montreal City Mission and elsewhere served to illustrate the Living on the Edge idea.

Our thanks to Paula for joining us.

Paula brought with her a poster display of the Montreal City Mission activities for view by the
Summerlea folks at coffee after the service. We caught her in conversation with Tom Pavlasek.
Paula Kline and Tom Pavlasek in conversation.

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