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Pastry Making 2008
Posted July 21, 2008

For 2008, Summerlea's stalwart pie-making team got a jump on the season on the fourth of July by producing pastry and small pie shells for the fall pie-making endeavour. Pastry was produced for this day's production, with enough remaining in the freezers to complete the fall production run.

Some 550 small ("4x4") pie shells were produced using new implements provided by the women's Serendipity group. The new implements made the production much quicker than the conventional hand rolling method.

The photos below give an idea of the new production method.

Janet Smart produced gobs of pastry to be mixed in the big machine.
Pastry making 2008

Marion Golden and Undeg Edwards womaned the pastry mixer,
with help from Marion's grandson, Liam
Pastry making 2008 Pastry making 2008

Bonnie McLeod and Mary Guynan produced some 550 small ("4x4") pie shells
using the new implements, with pastry balls rolled by Marion's granddaughter, Sarah.
(I'm not sure how she got them all the same size!)
Pastry making 2008

The device, with Sarah rolling the dough balls,
and Bonnie's hands pressing at left.
Pastry making 2008 Pastry making 2008

The pastry ball in the aluminum pie plate is covered by a cellophane sheet to prevent sticking.
Pastry making 2008 Pastry making 2008

Then press down hard, remove the cellophane et voilà - a pie shell!
Pastry making 2008 Pastry making 2008 Pastry making 2008

Mary shows a few of the finished products.
Pastry making 2008

So step one of the pie-making marathon is accomplished.
The small pie shells and pastry are in the freezers for the fall production run.
How else to spend July fourth?

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