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Confirmation / Membership Sunday, 7 June 2009
Posted 7 June, 2009
Sunday, 7 June 2009, three adults and 6 young confirmands joined the church. The confirrnands had been participating in confirmation classes with instructor Carolyn Legault during the year.

The new adult members (not caught on camera) are:
   Ann Marie Blinkhorn
   Kate Miller
   Jim Walker

The confirmands are:
   Cassandra McKenzie
   Erin Overbury
   John Parmater
   Caroline Rodd
   Elizabeth Rodd
   Alayna Roy

Music director Connie Osborne took the opportunity to have the youth choir, which includes all the confirmands, perform an unusual selection which treated the elements of music in an intentionally discordant fashion.

We welcome our new members to the Summerlea family.

Youth Choir
The Youth Choir, L-R: Keith McKenzie, Jacob Osborne,
Peter Maklan, John Parmater, Elizabeth & Caroline Rodd,
Erin Overbury, Cassandra & Michelle McKenzie, Alayna Roy

The confirmands -
The Confirmands during the service, L-R: Cassandra McKenzie,
Erin Overbury, John Parmater, Caroline & Elizabeth Rodd, Alayna Roy.

Elias-Axel confirm in concert Elias-Axel confirm in concert
The Confirmands and cake after the service, L-R: John Parmater, Elizabeth
& Caroline Rodd, Erin Overbury, Cassandra McKenzie, Alayna Roy.

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