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Lachine West Meals on Wheels
40th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Lunch Oct 5, 2009

Posted Oct 5, 2009
The 2009 annual general meeting and luncheon for Lachine West Meals on Wheels volunteers took place at Summerlea United Church Monday, October 5, 2009, under the leadership of long-time branch Director Lucy French (who had been away ill the pevious year). This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Lachine Meals on Wheels organization, which was marked with anniversary cake and a few reminiscenses by long-time member Margaret Hendery.

Following are a few photos of the proceedings.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Two anniversary cakes graced the buffet of sandwiches and vegetables.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch
The head table: Howard Harvey - treasurer, Lucy French - president,
Pierrette Grégoire - vice-president, Chantal Ménard - West Island Volunteer director

2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Lucy French opened the meeting with the blessing, and
asked long-time member Lillian Fogerty to cut the cake.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Folks loaded up from the buffet to enjoy food and conversation.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Dessert and coffee over, Lucy began the AGM with some comments about the 40 years
of service to Lachiners offered by the Western Lachine Meals on Wheels organization.
She singled out Doris Stewart as one of the 40 year members.
Lois Pavlasek, another originator, was not present.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Chantal Ménard (in her first week on the job), brought
greetings and thanks from Volunteer West Island

2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Treasurer Howard Harvey presented the Treasurer's report. He noted that about 200 more meals were
served last year than in the previous year. With the price increase from $2.00 to $2.50 the operating loss
per meal reduced from 51¢ to 21¢. Donations from outside groups and individuals made up the difference.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Pierrette Grégoire thanked the volunteers and offered some suggestions for more efficient operation.
She mentioned that there is a question whether home-made cookies will be permissible for Christmas
this year, given concerns about H1N1 virus. Chantal Ménard will consult Volunteer West Island re the policy.
Pierrette also noted that this year's Christmas meals will include small gifts (see the place mat and
basket at right) and asked for donations to help defray the cost of the gifts.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch
At Lucy's request, long-time member Margaret Hendery provided some memories of the early years.
Originally the Summerlea group served all Lachine, until other groups were formed to serve eastern Lachine.
The meals were originally carried in a metal box with a charcoal burner in the bottom to keep the meals warm.
This was quite successful except for the smoke and occasional spilled charcoal in the car.

2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch
2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch 2009 MOW agm & Lunch
2009 MOW agm & Lunch
Some shots of the attendees, and the ladies who provided the lunch.

Thanks to Lucy and the others who put on this event,
and to all the Meals on Wheels volunteers
who so faithfully help to make life a little better for Lachine seniors.

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