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Octet Plus & Vic Vogel at Summerlea Nov 29, 2009
Posted 30 Nov, 2009
At 3 PM Sunday November 29, 2009, a large audience in the Summerlea sanctuary enjoyed the choral music of the Octet Plus choir under the direction of Alan Daye and accompanied by Summerlea's own Connie Osborne.

The programme included an interlude of amazing piano music by Montreal jazz pianist Vic Vogel. Mr. Vogel's programme consisted of asking the audience to name a favourite Christmas tune, which he then proceeded to render in a jazz format reminiscent of Oscar Peterson. Wow!

The proceeds from the concert were split between Summerlea's roof fund, and Vic Vogel's campaign to send musical instruments to Cuba (see Vic Vogel Instruments for Cuba CTV interview on YouTube.)

Octet Plus at Summerlea
Alan Daye says Hello
Octet Plus accompanist Connie Osborne at Summerlea
Accompanist Connie Osborne
Octet Plus at Summerlea
Octet Plus at Summerlea

Vic Vogel at Summerlea
Vic Vogel takes requests
Vic Vogel jazzes it up
Then he hits the keyboard!

Our thanks to Octet Plus and Vic Vogel for a very enjoyable concert.

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