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Youth Group Rock-a-thon Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2009
Posted 4 Mar, 2009
Once again Summerlea's Youth Group held a 24 hour fund-raising rock-a-thon from noon Saturday February 28 to noon Sunday March 1, 2009. In the weeks preceding the event the young folk collected sponsorship funds from the congregation and friends in the amount of $1300+ on behalf of the Telethon of Stars for the Montreal Children's Hospital, and Ste. Justine Hospital. The eight young folks rocked two at a time in one hour shifts.

Thanks to Kevin & Susan McKenzie and Linda and Roy Rodd for arranging and supervising this activity.

Following are a few photos of the event. You can pick a small photo to see a larger version, then pick Back on your browser to return to this page.

Saturday afternoon, Jacob Osborne & Keith Field watch Kevin McKenzie
taking on John Parmater at a video game, while John rocks.
Youth Rockathon 2009

And in the parlour, Elizabeth, Roy & Caroline Rodd, Cassandra &
Michelle McKenzie & Alayna Roy watch a movie while Elizabeth rocks.
Youth Rockathon 2009 Youth Rockathon 2009

Sunday morning before church the rockers were still full of vim, vigour and vitality,
having spent the wee hours of the morning setting up tables for Pancake Sunday.
Ain't youth grand?
Youth Rockathon 2009 Youth Rockathon 2009 Youth Rockathon 2009

At the start of the church service, Keith McKenzie & Jacob Osborne
rocked as the choir took their places, but left when the service began.
Youth Rockathon 2009

After the service, those who were not rocking served pancakes, then cleaned up.
When noon struck, they lined up for group photos (John Parmater had to leave early).
Youth Rockathon 2009 Youth Rockathon 2009

And, as we said last year, so ends another night
of "rockus" living for the Summerlea Youth Group.
Congratulations on collecting a healthy sum
for the benefit of Montreal children.
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